I am a freelance science journalist, editor, and former AAAS Fellow at WIRED. I’m also an editor with Massive Science and member of the National Association of Science Writers.

I have a PhD in chemical & biological engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder. In that past life as a scientist, I designed nanoparticles to kill drug resistant bacteria.

I am based in Los Angeles, California, and I write, edit, and fact check stories across all science in many formats, including quick-turn news, in-depth news analysis or trends, features, profiles, and science service stories for kids and students.

Lately, I’ve been writing about health, brains, space, tech, environment, nature, math, physics, and (of course) chemistry.

My work has appeared in WIRED, Smithsonian, Quanta Magazine, The Verge, Massive Science, SAPIENS, Vox, Science Magazine, The Revelator, 5280, Chemistry World, and has been republished by outlets including The Atlantic, Pacific Standard, and Salon.

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In addition to writing, I am available for editing, fact-checking, and research.

“max” + “levy” + “sci” at gmail dotcom